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Just a reminder that we will begin the merging process tomorrow Friday, April 28th. We will continue to move data and information through the weekend and should be completed Monday May 1st.

We will have some interruptions in service and downtimes with some products. You may have limited or sporadic access to some products including debit cards.
** Virtual Branch – limited access the weekend of April 28th, 29th and 30th.
** Friday, April 28th thru Monday, May 1st – limited access when using your debit card. PLEASE PLAN ACCORDINGLY.
** Monday, May 1st – Delayed opening by one hour (office will open 9 a.m. central) ** Tuesday, May 2nd – Delayed opening by one hour (office will open 9 a.m. central)

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Share Drafts Accounts (Checking)

Why do some of my checks clear faster now?
The latest change under the 21st Century Act or Check 21 now allows merchants to convert paper checks to electronic payment. Most large retailers have adopted this system. The result of this is that checks clear much more rapidly now. The days of a merchant accepting paper checks and and make daily trips to the bank are a thing of the past. The process of paying by check can be as immediate as a debit card transaction. The days of buying today and the check not clearing until 4 or five days later are over.
To avoid costly penalties in overdraft fees, keep a current check register and log all checks and debit card transactions and make sure funds on deposit in your draft account (checking account) before making a transaction.

VISA Check Card

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We offer a Line of Credit Protection

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